Jollibee AR Event

Jollibee AR Event

The brief

Jollibee is one of the famous fried chicken brands in Vietnam whose dominating products are crispy and spicy fried chicken. Recently, they have planned to launch a new product – Spicy Chicken Joy. However, it was not successful due to highly focusing on traditional advertising channels.
That’s why they wanted to turn around that game. This time, Jollibee want to launch their Spicy Chicken Joy in a way consumers can connect with. By driving the consumer to product trials, they want the agency to create an activation that should base on an idea “It will be “red spicy head” each time you try the Spicy Chicken Joy”.

From the brief, we found a “cool” way to turn the idea into reality as well as delivered the message of the Spicy Chicken Joy.

By utilizing latest AR technology, we created an interactive billboard and developed a Facebook app, Every times the consumers tried the chicken, their head would become a spicy heads. And the audience would have opportunity to appear on the Key Visual.

The solution

The results, no only successful on product trials, but also for driving engagements when utilizing the activation on social. The video got 7.8 million views; 48,000 reactions; 1,100 shares and 1,200 comments in total; therein, over 600,000 views, 4,000 reactions and 159 shares have been collected within 15 hours after posting the video.
Now, the consumers of Jollibee are so familiar with the product – Spicy Chicken Joy and it’s their interesting dish when coming to the Jollibee’s restaurants.

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