Let’s draw you!
Are you drawing me?
This ears need to be bigger, more cute. Then your hair. How to draw your bike? How is it? I don’t remember, something like this.
Let me show you. Here, my bike!
I haven’t drawn bike before. I need to see it. .
And then, this is your jacket, something flying…Your breast here, haha. Wanna wear boots? Draw a boot.
Actually I draw myself one like this, look! Your comic style is better.
What is this?
Me. Standing in the side and waving my hand through the mirror
Haha. It’s a hot spot
Cause I colored it.
And here for the speed, draw the line.
To make it more comic, we need to draw this cover line…

Your anatomy is good!
Actually my draw skill looks the same when I was 12. . ., Then just party, drinking..
it’s cool, what is the app?
Bờ rồ create Procreate haha.
Let’s try the pencil on your iPad
How to connect the pencil?
Simple like this!
Oh, it’s not working.
I should buy the iPad, the pen, and the app. Then I can draw. So relax when I draw, that’s why you draw all day.
It’s my job …
Do you want to wear gloves?
Yes, please.

How to write your name L ..
A! Will you write yours? L also
No, I write yours.
Looks like dragon
Yes, I know you explained for me before.
…next day..
Yyyyyyy! Who did it? Really cool
Yyyyy, whenever you see my phone screen.
That’s the guy are standing here.
I have a question for you! What? You go out with a lot of people, like motorcycle guys, white guys. Is nobody like you? Yes, lots. So you go out with them?. Nah, I just go out with friends. They’re just there, friends, no dating…I’m bored. ..focus on working then.
Hey, If you want to finish this sketch, you should put the blue sky above you, like this(point at the game you are playing)
You should finish it. Haha.
Bye, hidden talent! See you soon.
P.s: Today I ate an amazing Hong Kong noodles. That was a small place behind gym building owned by an old guy from HongKong! And also Hong Kong lemon tea!

I want to eat moon cake? I have moon cake in my house, it’s really good. But I want to eat moon cake now. Ok! Let’s go to buy moon cake for you here.|
He said and pointed at the Beer Craft store in a corner of the street. 

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