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I'm 24 years old standing in 2020

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A Wild Tornado

I'm 24 years old standing in 2020

How is your life?

It’s inspiring. I enjoy living this way, solitude is not frightening. And if I do meet someone and decide to start a relationship, it is going to be someone who encourages me to achieve even more happiness and success. Someone who is already happy, fulfilled, and successful on his own. Someone who is as smart and strong as they are and someone who is able to keep up with me in every aspect of life. It’s going to be someone that feels happy that his woman has her own goals, plans, dreams, and passions and that she’s in control of her life. Someone who feels happy when she achieves her goals and also encourages her to pursue higher ones. Someone who makes her feel stronger, happier, and more fulfilled than she already is. Because I will never give up on my independence, individuality, and strength. I’ll never give up on my goals, dreams, and desires and forget who I am in the process of loving someone. I’ll never be with someone who might prevent me from living an authentic, genuinely happy and meaningful life.

Long Tornadito

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